Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica, Oslo/Norway - 21.-23. November 2012


The Spirit of Nordic Lighting

The Nordic light is presented to you by speakers from more than 10 nations!

There is a huge international attention to Scandinavian design and architecture today. Lyskultur, in collaboration with the other Nordic lighting organizations, create publicity about the Nordic light. Long periods of winter darkness and short summers provide greater awareness of the importance of light and lighting with high quality.






Presentations (PDF) are here





  • Nordic Natural Light
  • Nordic Urban Light
  • Nordic Health & Wellbeing
  • Nordic Lighting Education
  • Nordic Lighting Projects
  • Nordic Research & Innovation

are all themes which were covered in the conference.


NORDIC LIGHTING CONFERENCE 2012 continued the tradition of nordic lighting conferences organized by the Nordic Lighting Committee – Nordlys; Dansk Center for Lys, Danmark, Ljuskultur, Sverige; Lyskultur, Norge; Ljóstæknifélags Íslands, Island and Suomen Valoteknillinen Seura, Finland.

Lyskultur – The Norwegian Lighting Institute organized The Nordic Lighting Conference, 21. – 23. November 2012 at Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica in Oslo.




Lyskultur hadde teknisk ansvar for gjennomføring av Nordic Lighting Conference 21. – 23. november på Holmenkollen Park Hotel i Oslo. Det var 300 deltagere.